FOX News Has a Tough Time Telling the Black Chess Pieces Apart as Well

A big stink arose this past week when Greta van Susteren, intellectual extraordinaire of FOX News (indeed perhaps the only one. How did she get in there?) mistook Shirley Sherrod, the black Georgia State Director Of Rural Development, with California Democrat Maxine Waters. Sherrod recently gave a speech on her coming to understand the plight of white farmers, which was misconstrued to much acclaim by a right wing blogger.

FOX has been known to confuse identities on prominent black figures before, commonly mistaking one for another. A FOX commentator finally came up to defend Greta by saying “Well, of course, they all look alike to us.”

[Writer’s apology] The writer of this article would like to henceforth apologize to the reading public present for this article which was really too easy and definitely a cheap shot.

It was such an obvious joke from the onset.
However, they deserve it oh so very much!


One comment on “FOX News Has a Tough Time Telling the Black Chess Pieces Apart as Well

  1. Alas when MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer called Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton to his face no one bats an eyelash. Just a slip of the tongue, a casual mistake. When Greta is reading a story about Maxine Waters and some unnamed tech guy put up video of Shirley Sherrod, Greta and Fox are evil racist homophobes.

    That being said, i love you rfreed and I want to hear more about being unable to differentiate between the chess pieces. There is gold there.

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