Thank You Very Much, See You in Hell

The phrase “Thank you very much, see you in hell,” is becoming as popular as “Thank you, come again” at some Middle Eastern-run convenience stores across America. TYVMSYH signs are being displayed above the licenses of most of the stores, but have, so far, gone unnoticed by customers.

One such store owner, Abu Badiuz Zaman, says that it is just an inside joke and nothing to get upset over. “Have you ever worked with the public?” he asked. “Day in and day out we get every kind of complain [sic] you cannot imagine from ‘you make us the worst coffee on the world’ to ‘why the hell can’t you give with me the Hostess Ding-Dongs instead of those cheapest knock-offs by Little Debbie?’ The TYVMSYH sign is one way we can cope for American rudeness,” he added.

Author: P. Beckert

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