Responsible Gambling Tips for Slot Players

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There is no way you can deny it; online slot games are the most fun way to gamble online, especially at sites such as

Free from the stress of relying on misfiring strikers to bring home your accumulator and far removed from the nerves of watching your horse struggle in the final furlong, the online slot game is the natural heir to the fruit machines that used to light up pubs, bars and chip shops way back when.

But amongst all the fun, gambling, of course, has a darker side. That is why it crucial to gamble responsibly. The government is addressing the issue with campaigns about it and organisations like Bet Safe are going to great lengths to ensure people are enjoying gambling, rather than letting it cause stress.

As advocates of gambling and more importantly, gambling responsibly, we wanted to offer some advice and tips for doing just that, So, without further ado, here are some tips for gambling responsibly on slot games.

Set a budget for your gambling

The biggest threat when gambling is to over-gamble.

The fun and addictive nature, especially of online slot games, means that this is a very real possibility for some but luckily, there is an easy way to prevent this happening. All online casinos now have a safe betting section on their website and it is here, more often than not, that you can find tools such as budget setting.

You can set a daily budget, a weekly budget or a monthly one, to ensure that you do not overspend on your betting account.


Take a break

Like with many games, be they online slots or games console classics, taking a break is very underrated.

Not only can it help you regain motivation and inspiration for what could be me a more rewarding play, but they also help us to think more logically. The phrase ‘head in the game’ is very real, and whilst this is regarded as good thing, it can be useful to take our heads ‘out of the game.’

If you are on a losing streak at the classic slots at Slotty Vegas, or even a winning one, having a short break can help you weigh up everything and maybe realise that some things are more important than the reels before you.


When the fun stops, stop

Now this is a well-known slogan that can be heard on betting adverts seen on TV, often before and during coverage of football matches, such is the nature of modern sports betting.

But it definitely applies to online slot games, too, as, when you are becoming frustrated, bored or annoyed with the outcome of a game, you should simply stop. There is no shame in walking away from your computer screen, locking your iPad or closing the app in your phone.


Stopping, like having a rest, will prevent you from betting emotionally and take the frustration out. A clear headed better is a better better!


For more advice on how to bet responsibly, you can always check the designated section on your online casino of choice.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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