10 Steps To Help You Launch A Boat Successfully

Sometimes you might get blocked by another boat on the ramp while trying to launch yours. This can be really annoying. All boaters should learn the common boat etiquette. Most of these rules and etiquette are not laid down anywhere. Every boater should know them as a matter of basic human reasoning. Knowing these rules makes the boating process easy and fun for everyone. Visit the aceboater.com for more boating tips. The following are the basic and unspoken boating rules and etiquettes you should adhere to:

Use the Right Trailer

You need to make sure that you have a functional trailer for hauling your boat. Once you have the right trailer you need to attach it to your car. Ensure that the trailer is well balanced on your vehicle and position the car well and ensure that the hitch ball is positioned directly below the trailer’s coupler. Then lower the trailer. Secure the trailer latch with a lock or a cotter pin. Then, fasten the boat using the tie-down straps. Place the boat on the trailer. Finally, attach and ensure that the winch safety pin is safely secured. These chains should be long enough in case of high turns and not too long, to ensure the trailer does not touch the road if it detaches from the hitch.

How To Launch Your Boat

  • Practice driving- You should first practice and learn how to drive and reverse your vehicle with the boat on the trailer. This should not be at the boat launch area, as it could damage your boat or other people‚Äôs boats. You could accidentally plunge your car at the bottom of the water. You should practice away from here. If you ever have any kind of boats collition situation or accident make sure to contact this houston boat accident lawyer
  • Load everything you will need- Before you launch the boat in the water, you need to put everything you need into the boat. You do not want to obstruct and annoy other boaters as you pack your boat loading it.
  • Have the buoys and fenders and dock lines ready and tied on as you bring the boat to the dock.
  • Unfasten the tie downs that keep the boat secured to the trailer and then put the drain plugs. Always remember to put the drain plugs ready.
  • You should unplug the trailer lights. If your trailer lights are not waterproof you should remove them to avoid damaging them with water.
  • If you have the fuel primer you need to pump the fuel primer. The fuel Primer is the outboard motors with fuel line and they are attached to the fuel tank
  • Slowly but carefully, push the boat to the water and ensure the motor is submerged in water. Start up the motor slowly as you allow it to warm up for a while. This is to test the operation status of the boat.
  • Push your boat further into the water until it starts to float.

The boat can be launched by just one or two people – If you need water damage services visit Blackmon Mooring – A one person launch, you need to push the boat into the water. Then, let go of the winch line. Then use the bow and stern lines to get the boat off the trailer. Fasten the boat to the dock and remove your car off the shore.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

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