Bill Maher Banned (Again)… But Why?

Notable public figure Bill Maher has been banned from several notable clothes retail chains in the entire slick, coastal, metro part of the USA…

For making some provocative and inflammatory comments about a moderate political Islamist™ in Pakistan who says women resemble sacks of flour.

Yup! His Most Exalted Even-More-Moderate-Than-Moderate-Taliban-ness says that every one of the integral synthetic components of the female community should be treated in keeping with the most noble and exalted station he himself envisages for them…

When he is high on crystal meth funded from the proceeds of his illegal kindergarten-bombing Ponzi scheme.

For an article on this notable enlightened figure, see:

Maher was unduly flippant™, expressing a somewhat Unreconstructed-Democrat™ perspective on the issue.

Is there any chance the Pakistan government can get this POS stoned by due process of law? Otherwise, I’m absolutely not in favour of humanitarian intervention, not even the kind of nice, gentle, liberal-interventionist John Kerry kind; but hey, I almost wish Obama would send him a nice aerial robot f***buddy to keep him company. I mean, karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

However, the sexist last line of Maher’s achingly insightful commentary has gone unnoticed. Some viewers had other priorities.

Notable full-time MRA and part-time limousine liberal Melville Dickstorm said:

Talking about stoning this guy? Like, literally? Like, non-figuratively too? Like, for real? Like, purely cause he’s not from the so-called Sweet Land of Liberty? Just because he is foreign, this pompous asshole, Bill Maher, is criticising him.

Well, I’m pretty sure that shit ain’t covered by the first Amendment.

Yeah! That punkass, racist son of a bitch Bill Maher better watch his step! That little bitch is worse than a flaming radfem!…

Hey, I thought I had my wallet a moment ago.

Hey, did you see that black guy earlier.

Just thinking…

No, gotta check my privilege.

Oh shit, it must have been him! WAIT TIL I GET MY HAND ON YOU, I’M GONNA F***IN’ TEAR YOU A NEW ASSHOLE, SON!

Maher laughed off the “threat.”

Well hey, my previous comments on Islam were not very nuanced. I might as well hold my hands up to that one now. But criticising this guy is racist? I’m not talking about Islam in the abstract, this is a guy who wanted the army to make a LITERAL war on women. I guess that the moral of the story is, whenever you hear people doing social or ideological critique, you’d better always get a handle on what their real intentions are.


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