Whacking Your Whites White

A washing powder advertisement has been pulled from television after the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) received thousands of complaints from viewers complaining of its ‘violent’ nature.

Godfather Powder, ostensibly aimed at mob wives, claims to ‘whack your whites, white’ and will ‘enforce’ the stubborn stains into submission.

The television advertisement shows scenes of violent beatings and blood being sprayed over the camera lens.

Godfather Powder defended its choice of gore by stating that it had a “commitment to its potential customers to display the lifestyle they are buying into when they buy Godfather products.”

“We believe we gave a fair representation of what we expect our key customers would be doing, and how Godfather Powders can make their lives easier by removing blood and soil stains from their smart Italian suits” Godfather Powders went on to say.

The FCC said that it was forced to remove the advert after a formal review of its content and they decided it was ‘unfit’ for commercial use.

The FCC also claimed that they had also received several complaints about false advertising.

“I leave the clothes to soak and I still can’t get the schmuck’s blood out. Its false advertising, it’s unethical and it’s making me look like some jamook” said one unhappy customer.

Godfather Powders, whose tag line is “whether you’re into swag or the shylock business, you’ll look like a Don every day”, has also come under criticism recently due to money laundering allegations.

Author: Bee

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