CIA Hymnbook (II): Amazing Graft

Amazing Graft

To the tune of Amazing Grace

Amazing graft! How sweet the bombs
That fly o’er Afghanistan
Your children are lost, but my dollars are found;
And so is my foe, Saddam!

We are the government every nation fears
And the intel no-one believes
How dangerous is the fool who doubts
His doom is drawing near!

There are many dangers, toils and snares,
For those who disdain to kneel
It’s fear hath kept me safe thus far,
And fear is how we lead!

My lobbyists have promised dollars to me
Their lucre my bombs secure
I will their staunch enabler be
As they greedily fill my purse

O when the economy shall fail
And incurable is our disease
I shall never fail to hound unto death
The traitors who call for peace

The nations shall soon dissolve to dust
On ashes our napalm shines
I am your God, so worship me,
You are forever mine!

Our Empire will last ten thousand years
Blaze furious, like the Sun…
So kneel, bow down, and hymn me praise
And our Empire shall make you One!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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