Youtube Channels from Our Glossy News Humourists!

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all liked our Facebook page by now, and helped us BOOM!

Just wanted to drop a few Youtube channels from our contributors; as always, it is not intended as a completely comprehensive list, and we’re always welcome for more suggestions! And if you are already a Glossy News contributor, obviously feel free to promote your own Youtube channel, Facebook pages, books, whatever!

Here’s the webmaster, Brian:

And here’s Glossy News stalwart and editor of The Satirist, Dan Geddes:

Make sure you catch ’em all on Youtube!

Why the link?

SEO World Problems!

Gotta hustle the best ya can!

Catch ya later!



The funny photo is just a joke. Dan DOESN’T look that deformed in real life! Har har!

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