Quick-Fire Twitter Tips: Short and Powerful!

Here are some quick and handy tips for Twitter users; worth a look, whether you use for Twitter for business or pleasure (does anyone really enjoy sparring with Twitter trolls? Maybe you’re the exception!)

Some of these will sound very obvious to a lot of you. But some people may find there are some they didn’t know. Also, reinforcement is key. You may know something to be the case, but a little reminder now and then may still be useful.

Slow down!

Don’t make a large number of different retweets in a short time, or you may be penalized. (Sadly not in a monetary way; more like your account gets suspended, because Twitter mistakenly thinks you are doing some kind of automated activity!)

Find your springboard!

Remember that if you engage with people who have a lot of followers, more people will probably see your tweets.

Think about your ratio!

You should be careful you don’t have too many original tweets or retweets.

Unless you treat it as truly social media, with plenty of actual dialogue, you risk falling into an inefficient approach.

Death by a thousand Tags

Finally, be careful not to load your tweets with hashtags. You may actually find you do worse!

Finally, here’s a quick reminder of the Twitter rules.


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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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