Twitter Auditing: A Tool for Serious Social Media People

I recently did a Twitter audit for my @onetonguejohnny Twitter account.

Here’s what I found:

Followers: 453 Real, 0 Fake.

Audit Score: 100%

Historically, a number of services have been available for those who want to see how many fake accounts are following them. This is quite important, because there can be various negative implications for some with a high fake follower count; for example, you may lose credibility, or even be sanctioned by Twitter. (This is because some people cheat and buy fake followers).

A few caveats:

  1. Shop around. Find the one that suits your needs best.
  2. I can’t prove that all of the services are legitimate. Any time you let an app access your Twitter account, you’re obviously taking a risk; whether large or small. Don’t let that necessarily put you off, but I’m just reminding you to be aware the internet isn’t 100% safe… As if you needed reminding, with all this recent talk of hacks, leaks, and ransomware!
  3. I am not sure how accurate the results are from any one service; nor am I sure that all the services are equally accurate, on average.

I’ve recently been retweeting a lot of cybersecurity stuff; it’s a topic I’ve developed a casual interest in recently, although I know very little about it.

So feel free to follow my Twitter for the retweets of stuff from cybersecurity experts. I’m also planning to drop an occasional basic article here at Glossy News, or on my Medium account (again, One Tongue Johnny). Feel free to save the link to Glossy News or even to my profile account as well; as also for my Medium. You can also like and follow the Glossy News Facebook page, as well as the One Tongue Johnny Facebook page.

Have you ever done a Twitter audit? How did it go?


Image source: Axelle B

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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