Ever Notice How Evil “Revenge of the Nerds” was?

I mean, it was really, really ugly. There was abuse, rampant phobias, and a lot of really ugly situations.

Luckily we can break it down in under 4-minutes, and with a vengeance. Please to enjoy and make your voice heard in the comments below.

Hate it? Give it a thumbs-down, that’s understandable. I’m sad you feel that way, since I spent so much time making this, but that’s okay too.

Don’t be difficult, just got to www.reddit.com/r/BobbyJoe for all the extra brilliance and what not.

For all us nerds back in the day, this was a fun fantasy of sorts, but for anyone from the outside looking in, or the present day looking back, it’s pretty messed up.

Watch it here:


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