Man Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support Kickstarter Campaigns

Jacob Nastroni doesn’t consider himself an ideas man, but he has at least one he’s putting to the test:

“There are a lot of different Kickstarter projects that I’d love to get behind, but unfortunately I just don’t have the financial means to really get behind them,” says the aspiring venture capitalist.

“I really like seeing the entrepreneurial spirit some of these people have, and, if I’m honest about it, more than a little jealous.”

Citing such examples as they potato-salad guy and that one to sky-write dumb things, Nastroni was struck with the inspiration to be able to fulfill what he sees as being his purpose in life.

“It was just staring me in the face, you know. Like, literally, it was right in front of me. On the screen. In front of my face.”

So, like those he admires, Nastroni went about creating his own campaign.

“It was actually really easy. You just sort of fill out a form and it kind of does the rest for you.”

Offering such perks as a silent thank-you ($5), eating a bowl of ice cream in your honor ($10) and standing on his head while reciting his favorite Monty Python quotes ($25), Nastoni has already surpassed his goal for $15,000.

“I actually had several people donate $100 each, with meant I had to spend several afternoons taking naps while holding their pictures. It was a pretty hectic time, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was worth it.”

When asked if he’s followed through with his contribution promise, Nastroni responds with a smile:

“Of course! I contributed to my favorite campaign: mine!”

Author: esinclaire