Glossy News Authors: Are You Unable to Login?

I was emailed by three authors having trouble logging in due to our overly aggressive Spam filter. Are you able to login? Shoot me an email either way, if you have a minute.

I’ve tweaked the settings to hopefully resolve the issue, but I have no way of knowing from my end without authors letting me know.

Use the CONTACT page or my direct email (you probably have it.)

Sorry for the issue and thanks for your patience.



3 comments on “Glossy News Authors: Are You Unable to Login?

  1. Looks like the recent update to the plugin was faulty. I’m going to wait a few days before re-activating it to make sure it’s not still buggy, and so we have time to get everything up to speed otherwise.

    I’ll shoot emails to the top authors to setup a good time for a test so we can make sure we’re not all locked out.

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