Man Justifies Having Two Facebook Profiles

Documents leaked to Glossy News have revealed that a man, only being identified as Man P, for data privacy reasons, has not one, but two Facebook profiles.

It is unclear how this may have happened, but early examination of the information speculates that Man P set up a profile way back in 2005, when nobody cared about booking his or her faces permanently on the Internet.

It would then seem that Man P re-registered with a ‘work e-mail’ in 2009 after nothing happened on his 2005 account, as it doesn’t even have a photo or the timeline.

A review of the activity on both accounts shows very little information about Man P’s actual personality or life. Surprisingly, he doesn’t have a “married” and a “looking” profile, but two nearly-identical profiles.

“When I saw the documents my first thoughts were with all those who may know Man P and have added the illegitimate profile or both” one Facebook user told Glossy News, “The seconds that they spent adding him as a friend only to find that they already had him as a friend must have been torture.”

The last update on Man P’s 2009 account was “Havin worst day ever stupid sock puppets! Agggghhhhh!”

A statement from Facebook HQ said that they were looking into the allegations with great interest and if any evidence of such an offense is found it will be immediately dealt with so that the members can carry on poking each other without fear of not being poked back.


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