MySpace Facebook Merger? Like. MyFace. Dude.

DownUnder, Australia —This just-leaked domain name logo is the result of a recent unannounced, very, very secret almost-for-sure merger between FaceBook and MySpace and it’s going to be called Like.MyFace.

The use of the word ‘like’ in the domain name is to call special attention to their ownership of the most used word in the English language. The Murdochs say that they will be able to profit even if the word is in a logo with other words.

Rupert is banking that their new social network is just what the MSM Newspaper Doctor ordered. And he plans to have them all zipped into the Fox portfolio by the end of the day.

The only missing part is this little upstart twit of a website called Twitter. Rupert et al are not that thrilled about dealing with a business that has a bird caricature as a corporate logo.

So they have put out a contract for anyone who thinks they can take out the little bird. Half a million for delivering the twit feet up on Rupert’s desk. The demise of the little bird will not be met with any tears, even though there are some who think that Twitter is worth somewhere just south of $10 billion. A price that Rupert refuses to consider paying. So Rupert asks, “just what’s the point?”

“Our new social network company will give access to all the hundreds of millions of people who feel a need to tell everyone who’s interested, just what they are thinking and doing at any one point in any day. And without any silly bird noises.”

When asked about his rivals Microsoft and Yahoo, not to mention the first internet portal AOL, Mr. Murdoch smiles with a little sneer at the edge of his upper lip and says quietly, “We don’t see this Gates person as any type of competition. He’s just not in it for the long run. He’s too busy trying to make telephones and television games.”

So the new website will unveil its home page early in June, 2010. There will be a big Australian-style barbecue party with tons of shrimp and hundreds of kegs of beer on the Mall in Washington DC. All the Congressmen and Senators will be invited and each will be given their own new like.myface website to show around to their guests.

As Rupert tends to say, “everyone will like.myface when they see how nice it looks online.

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