Disney 4 Freedom: What Can Kid’s Movies Teach the Politically Engaged?

It’s hard to say, looking back, if you really took any deeper lesson from the movies and programmes you grew up with as a child. Often, it is only really possible to hypothesise. It’s worth trying though!

1. The Lion King

I think the Lion King must surely have instilled a sense of realism. Scarface could not be bargained with. There was no debate, and no dialogue.

I am old enough to remember the first time that movie came up. The theme song still moves me to tear: even this very moment.

2. Hercules

Disney’s Hercules showed it was possible to be soft and yet strong.

3. Aladdin

Again: evil never sleeps, and can’t be negotiated with. Also, those who dare to dream will never be short of hope.

4. Pinocchio

Telling the truth is important.

Being of the truth is even more important.

Any other ideas from your childhood?

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