Robin Thicke Creepalike Does New “Blurred Lines” Parody for ISIS

Flashy man-crush-mongering pop legend Robin Thicke now has a new unofficial/unapproved Syrian body double, whose parody cover of Robin Thicke has proven mildly irritating to ISIS.

(SADLY NECESSARY LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Well, actually he doesn’t. Everything you read on satire sites is fake. Like, well, DUH! The number of times…)

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

If you’re pious
Sad repressed and gay
And Kafr white girls
Turn you down every day

Maybe you’re lovin’ death
More than you’re lovin’ life
Maybe kafr bitches ain’t wanna be your wi-i-i-ffffffe
Maybe you’re outta your mind!

OK, so treacherous Zios
Cock-blocked you like a boss
But you’re a rampant psycho
Baby, don’t need to toss

Just let me educate you
You don’t need no border papers
My God, he is your maker
And that’s why I’m gon’ make you


I know you want it
I know you want it
My brothers want it

You’re a good boy!
Let’s go and blast it
These kafr bitches
Are made of plastic

I hate these infidel lie-ie-ie-ie-ies!
Your brothers want it
You know we want it
You know we want it

But you’re a good guy!
This pamphlet will grab ya
All the way from A-Rahb-ya
Go ahead, and bomb me

You’ll get several dozen whores
When you get them jeans off
Bust them fuckin’ hymens, dawg
It’s not even technically rape!

They never fucked you?
You need a hug, broo?
For bein’ turned down by atheist Jews?
So fuckin’ gay!

OK, now kafr hos
They wanted to deprive ya
But you’re an animal
And you could be their driver

Just let my boys migrate ya
Fuck the infidelly papers
Give you twelve thousand maters
And that’s why I’m gonna give you

Good girls!

I know you want it
You know they want it
Our brothers want it

You’re a good boy!
Once you get past me

After your blastie
It’s time to get nasty

I love jihad lines!
I know you want ‘em
I know you want ‘em
The brothers want ‘em

Sadly, the song breaks off suddenly at the end.
A bit anti-climactic.
At least it went out with a bang though!

Image attribution:
By Michelle Uthoff-Campbell – originally posted to Flickr as Robin Thicke, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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