Taylor Swift’s “Sh*t List” Keeps Growing

The ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has reached a boiling point that even puts recent ISIS headlines to shame.

This bloody battle, comparable to the likes of Gettysburg, allegedly began over self-proclaimed asshole, John Mayor.

The most recent blow was struck by Swift. Known as America’s sweet tart, she recently accused “someone” of trying to steal several of her back up dancers mid-tour.

Sources from Team Perry claimed that the dancers were only working temporarily for Swift until the start of Perry’s new tour.

When the dancers gave Swift a full months notice that they would be leaving to start the Perry tour, Swift reportedly flew into a tantrum, stamped her size 14 feet and immediately fired them. She then covered her ears and, in true Swiftonian fashion, crooned, “We’re never, never, ever dancing together again!”

The feud came to a head when Swift, known for her ability to turn bitter rants into crappy music, released a new song. The song, subtitled “Katy Perry is a Big, Fat Meanie!”, is creating quite the stir among both celebrities and common folk alike. Everyone is wondering if the song could possibly be about her ongoing feud with Perry.

A source who is close to Usher, who is close to Justin Bieber, who is even closer to Selena Gomez, who is one of Taylor’s BFF’s said it best. “I don’t know, man, it could be about Katy Perry or it couldn’t be about Katy Perry. Taylor Swift’s songs are as cryptic as the Da Vinci Code. You know what I’m sayin?”

In a cleverly worded, ambiguous response that left heads spinning like a Jedi mind trick, Swift tweeted, “Like all my songs, it’s NOT about a real person but it IS about real life. #Harry Styles still sucks!!!”

No one has yet to unravel the riddle of this minx, but she’s definitely got our attention. Well, the world is watching, Miss Swift, and we’re all ears!

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