Kardashians Slam Kendall Jenner’s “Boob Walk”

The Internet is all a twitter over Kendall Jenner’s romp down the catwalk at Thurdays New York Fashion Week dressed in a shear, boob flaunting Marc Jacobs original. It didn’t take long for the fur to fly.

In a tweet later that day half sister Khloe Kardashian posted “Boobs? What boobs? All I saw were a couple of chest pimples. Seriously, does she have a plastic surgeon?”.

Later Kourtney Kardashian followed up “Kendall is only half Kardashian. Obviously she got too many genes from ambiguously male daddy Bruce and not enough from the good side of the family.”

Then early Friday morning eldest sister Kim tweeted “Her father is trying to become a woman and she looks like Shia Labeuof. Kendall could win a “Worlds Sexiest Man” contest”.

It is rumored the Kardashians have filed a restraining order to keep Kendall from referring to herself as a Kardashian.

“She’s hurting the brand every time she takes off her top” said the Kardashians attorney.

photo credit: Yusuf C via photopin cc

Author: deeptrout

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