Sports Illustrated Model Kate Upton’s First Training Bra For Sale On Ebay

London, England – ( – SatireWorld reports that a personal item of a well known Sports Illustrated model has found its way on the popular auction site eBay and in past days all bidding has gone thru the roof.

Fully authenticated and signed by a then 12 year old Kate Upton, a training bra used for 2 weeks by the world’s most popular photo model found its way onto the vintage celebrity underwear section of the auction site.

The size of the training bra is 32eee and is in white linen with stainless steel underwires. As of today, the top bid is $1,350.00 US.

PHOTO INSERT: Lester Weams demonstrates how his revolutionary fire-proof bra works for cameras. His daughter declined wearing it in order to test its ability to withstand 500 deg heat from a birthday candle.

In recent months, Upton’s Sports Illustrated cover has had as many adult male viewers as male teenagers, due to the models unusually tight tops and very ample cleavage. Not to mention a bust size that some say is a eye-popping perfect 36c.

Fittingly, Upton made the coveted front cover spot on this year’s Sports Illustrated swim suit edition and sold out in hours.

Upton (age 20) made headlines last month when she narrowly escaped disfiguring burns after her skimpy bra ignited as she bent over a birthday cake fully illuminated with candles. The quick thinking of a nearby British photographer, who used a pitcher from the punch bowl, saved Ms. Upton’s fame and figure. He was later knighted by the Queen for his quick thinking.

Since that episode, Upton has developed and marketed a total fire-proof brassiere for women who work around flames and have a serious breast size to protect. Sales increased considerably once the buying public heard that the US Army purchased 200 gross of the bras and outfitted them with concealed propane-powered flame throwers for female special operations soldiers in Afghanistan.

More Upton news as its exposed…

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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