NAP Tips and Predictions

All of the best betting websites provide their own NAP of the Day, and there’s a lot of reasons why they choose to do this. The only issue is that coming to terms regarding exactly what one is can be a bit of a challenge for less experienced punters. NAPs are one of the primary bets when it comes to betting on horse racing, so working out what they are and how best to utilise them is likely to benefit you in the long run.

What is a NAP of the Day?

The whole point of a NAP is to present what you see as being the strongest horse tip from the day’s racing action. It’s become a cornerstone in horse racing betting, as it’s a way of identifying the most reliable bet for the current day out of the hundreds of horses you could potentially choose from. The term NAP originates from a French card game where the strongest hand is called a Napoleon, which was then shorted to NAP, and used in horse racing with the same intention.

Although it plays a big part in betting on horse racing, you might not find NAPs on bookmaker websites. This is due to them providing the odds on horse racing, leaving each day’s chosen NAP to be decided by the many horse racing punters and betting websites. One of the best references for a NAP that has been researched and hand-picked is on The Winners Enclosure’s website, where they run a page dedicated to quality Nap Of The Day tips.

Where will I find a good NAP?

If you’ve already referred to The Winners Enclosure’s own Nap Of The Day page for inspiration, you might be tempted to track down your own NAP. This can be done by scouting around all of the bookmaker websites or apps and seeing which of the favourites you like the look of.

NAP odds will usually be around evens, or sometimes lower, with the main focus being to win the bet rather than to take any major profit. This always needs to be kept in mind when you’re choosing a NAP or staking money on one, as high odds NAPs aren’t likely to be suitable for that market. It’s meant to be the most likely horse to win throughout the chosen day, so going for massive odds or outsiders will end up being more of a longshot than a NAP of the Day.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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