GlossyNews has published our first book: Never Have I Ever; the game in book form

You know those $30 board games you play that are really wicked and really fun? Yeah, we made our own version, and it’s in book form, and it’s available for $5.99 on the first edition. The second edition promises to cost more, but this one is really fun, superbly clever, and wicked as all get out.

It’s the culmination of over a year’s work and we’re really proud of it.

The book is available here on Amazon.

There are rules of course, and play pieces you can cut out from the back page. But all that’s secondary to the replayability of it all.

With an average of 30-questions to finish the game and over 800 questions in the book, the replay value promises to be around 28-plays.

Compare that with Cards Against Humanity which costs $26 and has a replay value of about two times. This game is around 21-cents a play versus $13. I mean, you’re coming out ahead right out of the gate, but don’t take it from me.

  • “Never Have I Ever! updates the old-school fun of games such as Truth or Dare! and Scruples for our ethically challenged age. Destined to become a classic!” — Dan Geddes, author of “The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book”
  • “Never have I ever played a game as well thought out and fun as this. Genius in its simplicity and intriguing in it’s execution. This is a ‘must try it’ game. It’s a combination of portable and fun, and portable fun…” — Jack Talbert, creator of the game Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Do It
  • “I’m not positive, but I think my dad might be evil.” — Dom White
  • Check it out and leave a review on Amazon. That’s the biggest way people will find it. Thanks for the inspiration guys!


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