Where to Find ‘The Braying Angel!’ (III): Asia

Here’s a passage from my book:

What if I told you
‘Brahman’ was not a mere ideal
A coercive superstitious worship of unity
As the absolute end-of-all?

What if I told you
‘Brahman’ was the encounter
Between the finite and the (in/)finite
Between the severed and the whole?

What if I told you ‘Brahman’ was where we meet
And not where we end?

What if I told you
Brahman does not exist
Outside of you
Nor within you?

What if I told you
Neither forgiveness
Nor non-forgiveness
Are the end
But rather the boatframes
That carry you
To the shore of encounter?

What if I told you
You are neither a good person
Nor an evil person
But you are amid the endless play
Of both?

You can find it here.

So while we’re on the topic of spirituality from the various rich Asian traditions, why not try these two stores out, if they’re local to you?



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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