Where to Find ‘The Braying Angel!’ (III): Asia

Here’s a passage from my book:

What if I told you
‘Brahman’ was not a mere ideal
A coercive superstitious worship of unity
As the absolute end-of-all?

What if I told you
‘Brahman’ was the encounter
Between the finite and the (in/)finite
Between the severed and the whole?

What if I told you ‘Brahman’ was where we meet
And not where we end?

What if I told you
Brahman does not exist
Outside of you
Nor within you?

What if I told you
Neither forgiveness
Nor non-forgiveness
Are the end
But rather the boatframes
That carry you
To the shore of encounter?

What if I told you
You are neither a good person
Nor an evil person
But you are amid the endless play
Of both?

You can find it here:


So while we’re on the topic of spirituality from the various rich Asian traditions, why not try these two stores out, if they’re local to you?




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