Is There a Libertarian Sensibility?

Medium is a great place to find interesting journals.

And I’ve been running UniLib Journal (Universal Libertarianism) for quite some time.

We’ve got some great writers!

But my economic views are not necessarily that similar to the economic right or left; I really think there is a poverty of imagination across the board right now.

So why call it ‘Universal Libertarianism’ at all then?

Well, to those confused about my economic pragmatism; I would say I am party to a kind of ‘libertarian sensibility.’

(Compare Russell Kirk on conservatism).

This is a question of an attitude or orientation or instinct, more than a rigid adherence to canonical dogma.

Does anyone else identify with this?

Or does anyone here have another ‘sensibility,’ like a socialist or conservative sensibility? (Cf. Russell Kirk).

Or a religious sensibility (i.e. not strictly ‘orthodox’ in terms of the faith tradition in question? Maybe some Quakers, for example, would fall into that category).

Leave your thoughts below!

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By George Frederic Watts – Web, Public Domain, Link


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