Volume II of Honest Adolph is Finally Out!

Wallace Runnymede Novel

UPDATE (05 JAN 2020): The following is no longer up to date. Keep following Glossy News to find out more about the impending re-release of the novel. This time, all three volumes will be included in one.
Volume II of my novel, Honest Adolph, is already out on Amazon, Google Play and Kobo. In the very near future, it will appear at Barnes & Noble (Nook), as well as Apple iBooks.

Thanks for reading so far; and thanks for all the purchases too.

Your support really does mean a lot!

Feel free to get in touch: wallacerunnymede#gmail.com. (But with the proper punctuation of course, not the #).

I hope you are enjoying this gripping account of the near-future USA.

More news soon on the third and final volume, which will be similarly priced to the first two volumes.

In them meantime: enjoy!


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