50 Shades of Gray Author Shockingly Honored

The author of the 50 Shades trilogy has been handed the Nobel Prize for Peace.

In what the literally, scientific and political world are deeming a ‘horrible, shocking mistake’, Erika Leonard was presented with the prize in Oslo City Hall in Norway, a little earlier then the planned announcement.

The committee behind the decision have fiercely defended their actions in a statement following the ceremony:

“We feel that it was only right to acknowledge the work of Mrs Leonard and her three books that have saved marriages all over the world and prevented many arguments and fights.

“The ripples of peace that have been felt in countless households needed recognition; from the women who were too busy reading to argue about her husband going out to the bar for the fifth time that week; to the sex lives that have been saved thanks to the suggestion of butt plugs and leather; it was the committees decision that we award the hard work of Mrs Leonard.”

“The Peace Prize is a joke,” said Mary from Ohio, who has read the first 50 Shades book, “first Obama gets it now her! Seriously? Have you read any of them? It’s as if she threw her laptop through Ann Summers and printed the result.”

Erika Leonard thanked the committee and jokingly waved anal beads at the cameras with her Nobel Peace Prize in the other hand.

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