Comic Books Say POW to Cancer

Link found between comic books and reduction in cancer risk.

In a world where everything can give you cancer scientists have found that reading comic books reduces the risk.

According to scientists at Brown University ‘a comic book a day can keep cancer at bay’. Having found no real reason for the link they are now speculating about the idea of the readers ‘absorbing’ the powers from the characters which prevents cancer growth as they found readers of the X-Men comics have the lowest risk beloved to be directly related to the character Wolverine, who can regenerate.

Skeptics say that this is not possible in anyway. But scientists at Brown say that they are just jealous because they didn’t find the link first.

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1 thought on “Comic Books Say POW to Cancer

  1. It’s like a placebo effect, except that it actually works!

    As a grown-up comic book kid, I really enjoyed this article.

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