Media Boycotts Year in Review Stories, “It wasn’t that memorable a year”

In a rare show of solidarity, all news outlets have agreed to cancel ‘Year in Review’ retrospectives for 2010. The late December fluff pieces have long been a staple of American journalism, due in large part to the low skill set required for compilation.

Said Rob Eubanks of the Houston Journal-Constitution-Herald, “Yeah, it’s always been a good way to get the interns out from underfoot. We usually get ‘em started in October digging through past issues. The kids take it real serious too; they’re hilarious like that.”

The time honored tradition will be absent from this year’s media offerings in both print and broadcast journalism, due to widespread apathy.

“We just don’t see any point in it” explained NBC’s Griff Witherspoon. “I mean, what have you got? BP oil leak, Robert Byrd died, GOP election gains, and some trapped Chilean miners. It’s just not worth the trouble to rehash the whole mess. My wife ran into one of Murdoch’s blondes at the grocery store last week, and she said FOX feels the same way.”

The media boycott of 2010 flashbacks is not without scattered insurgents. Barbara Walters will host an hour long special described as “an in-depth discussion with those who shaped our world in 2010.” Guests scheduled to appear include Elizabeth Taylor, Paul ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Hogan, and Jimmy Carter.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was quick to clarify his position on the emerging controversy. Speaking from DC’s famed ‘Make it look like a Business expense’ bistro he said, “What Barb’s doing, that’s not technically ‘year in review’ stuff. She does that stuff all year long. She asks those hard hitting questions like who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with.”

“I’d want to be stranded with Michael Moore” said Newsweek’s Wes Spurlock.

“No kidding? He’s worse than Al Gore; why would you take him?” asked an incredulous Maureen Dowd.

“Just trying to plan ahead. Food might run out and I’d have to resort to cannibalism. Hey Anderson, what are you guys doing instead of Year in Review?”

“We’re doing dogs that resemble their owners, what about you?”

“Least visited National Parks. Wish we’d have thought of the dog one though.”

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