ZANY UPSIDEDOWN WORLD of Margorie Taylor Greene

MTG here! MTG. You want me to spell it out for ya? Has the DEEP STATE shredded your brains? You BETTER know who I am!

Oh, c’mon! I worked so long and hard for you and all the Don’t FUCK with Me Patriots to create my BRAND, you got to know who –


I get it.

The Goddamn Olympics!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

Matty said this would happen. Nancy Pelosi. George Soros. The Clintons. The Obamas. The Kennedy’s who THINK they have outwitted ALL their assassins. Bernadette Peters. Mohammed Ali, Abbie Hoffman who only thinks he’s dead. Karl Marx IV. Charles Chaplin. Henry Kissinger and the whole Bohemian Grove crowd.

The JEWS! The OLD Jews. The NEW Jews. The So-Called JEW Comedians, Jesus the JEW before he converted to a BIBLE BELIEVING church. The Murdering Mexicans DISEASED Illegals and Planned Parenthood Baby Burning Coastal Elites who don’t wear socks or underwear.

Need I say more?

Matty and I are going to the drive-in tonight to make-out. He says he won’t fuck me until I lose 20 years.

SOMETHING EVIL ’S GOING ON: Ever since I was 13 years old blood gushed out of my pee-pee three days a month. Mama got so mad cleaning up the mess.

All the females on both sides had the same problem. Our men built shacks for us to stay in when we got the “bleeds” Daddy built one for me.

Listen to DOCTORS? NEVER! They Worship Satan. Anyway, the “bleeds” stopped a couple years ago.

What made them stop?

Why did they start in the first place?

I know. The MUSLIMS and the JEWS contacted the Dog People who threw CHINESE fleas in all the water.

That wasn’t so hard to figure out.

Author: Mark Wilt

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