The Party

Imagine arranging a party and being able to invite legendary stars of the silver screen.

Cagney would arrive saying, “You dirty rat”,

Karloff could come, because his real name was Pratt.

Tracy and Hepburn, could come as a pair,

then, the tap dancing feet of Gene and Astaire.

Monroe would arrive all in a stupor,

followed by the tall and shy, Gary Cooper.

 As the drinks start to pour,

in walks Glenn Ford and asks for one more.

Taylor would come, but she was uncertain,

unless I invited a Richard called Burton.

I’d invite Henry, because I’m Fonda him

and include Novak, who I know as Kim.

Then I’d invite another great olden,

yes, my good friend, one William Holden.

I must include Alan, because he is a nice Ladd.

Then I would also add Bela, we sometimes call, Vlad.

Gable and Leigh left early, because they had sinned,

they had too much to drink and were, Gone With The Wind.

That would leave room for two more,

so a late invitation to, Hope and Lamour.

I would invite Garbo but, she would just moan,

“All that I want, is to be left alone”.

He could come, but not until after dinner,

but I would not want to miss out on my friend, Yul Brynner.

Bogart and Bacall, two stars, I hold dear

and Audrey arrived, to prove it could Hepburn here.

If, I could squash one more in,

I’d invite Errol Flynn,

of course I can by heck

so I’ll include, Gregory Peck.

Then by midnight, when the real party would start,

they all agreed, it was time to part.

It was then, I realised why,

The only true stars, are those in the sky.

Author: Anthony Irving

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