Have you ever wondered how the great writers form their ideas for a story.

Here is the answer…………………….

Truman had many epiphany’s,

one of which was, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Steinbeck walked a different path,

that led him to, The Grapes of Wrath.

Louisa, knew she would fail or fall,

and that’s why her Women were not very tall.

Whilst denying they were brittle,

they had to admit that they were Little.

Roth admitted he was no saint,

saying, Portnoy can’t have a Complaint.

Dumas also had his fears,

amongst them, were Three Musketeers.

Hugo said the Hunchback was to blame,

for all that happened at, The Notre Dame.

To success, Dickens could not contemplate,

and so, his Expectations, were not very Great.

Irving asked his friends to follow,

all the way to, Sleepy Hollow.

To go on such a trip, he asked what for ?

because Bernard himself, was not very Shaw.

Kingsley, himself, wrote of a child,

but all it did was make, Oscar Wilde.

Wells wrote about, Men on the Moon,

whilst Blackmore preferred his, Lorna Doone.

To relieve his growing stress,

Hardy wrote about a woman named Tess.

Robert told Jekyll to go off and Hyde,

whilst DeVoto claimed, the Missouri was Wide.

de Maupassant wrote about a man with no palms,

so, Ernest wrote, A Farewell To his Arms.

These authors have left us with a golden treasure,

that have given us, endless hours of pleasure.

So, their memories, we should not mock,

thankfully, they never had………Writers Block.

Author: Anthony Irving

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