Casino Games Loved by A-List Celebrities

What are A-List celebrities? Ever wondered who they are or why they are referred to as A-List? These are the top-of-the-tier celebrities from all types of fields starting from the entertainment industries in music, cinema, theatre, fashion models and sports. 

These celebrities are at the top level and most have reached the epitome of their careers; they have a lot of media and public presence hence they form a good niche for casino games entertainment industries. Casino games form part of the routine entertainment to A-List celebrities when free from the bustles of the entertainment industry.Sweden is a world top hub for A-List celebrities where most throngs from all places of the world come and fulfill their gambling desires. Gambling activities have proven to be lucrative amongst these cliques of celebrities. According to our expert, Amy Martinsson  (check her page) the top games played by A-list celebrities include:


Blackjack is among the most popular casino games in the world today. It is played on a semi-circular table where players position themselves around the table. The players use a pack or a maximum of eight packs of cards containing fifty-two cards in each. 

The cards are shuffled where a maximum of three players are allowed to place a bet in the betting box at each position in a play. These games can be played via online casinos and physical casinos. Players are able to showcase the skills, strategy and their experience of playing cards. 

An advanced Blackjack player, Ben Affleck, who is an A-List celebrity and a top movie star featured in the Batman series is just one of the celebrities who love this game. He is a great inspiration to many players hence more icing to the cake.

Blackjack is a cool game to play in the casino to anyone interested and it has attracted a huge pack of followers worldwide hence ranking it as one of the top casino games in the world. Some other A-List celebrities who derive a lot of satisfaction in this game include Prince Harry, Michael Jordan, P-Diddy, 50-Cent, Paris Hilton, and Don Johnson. They are dubbed as the stars with skills when it comes to Blackjack gambling.


When it comes to playing poker, A-Listers do not miss out on large numbers to form part of the entire list of gamblers. Poker is a widely known casino game with a lot of popularity amongst players and non-players in the world. It is the type of game you will find in a casinon utan licens or one with a valid license. 

If someone mentions poker anywhere in any conversation that automatically identifies the person as an avid gambler who does not fear taking risks and chances. Poker is well known for its demanding strategy, skills, quick thinking, judgment, and reaction times. Most A-list celebrities will never leave the casino without testing their skills on the poker table either casually or professionally.

Due to technological advances, poker can now be played online. Many sites in the world and Sweden offer poker games with great prizes and rewards involved for winning. Poker involves the players betting while playing. So each player must bet in accordance to what they believe their hand is worth. 

A player who matches a bet may consider raising the bet where a betting round ends when all players have either called the last bet or folded. Showdowns normally take place at the end of the bet, where hands are revealed, and the player with the winning hand takes the pot.

Top A-List celebrities who are well conversant with the game include Jason Alexander of the comedy Seinfeld, Tobey Maguire, a blockbuster movie actor, and Jennifer Tilly, a World Poker Champion. These are just the tip of the iceberg of notable A-List Celebrities with poker skills.


Roulette is another top casino game played by pro gamblers. The game’s name is derived from a French word, which loosely translates to little wheel. The players may decide to place a bet on a single number, a group of numbers or a color, either red or black, whether the numbers are odd or even or whether they are high or low such as 1-18 are regarded as low and 19-36 are high.

The croupier spins the wheel in one direction then spins a ball in the opposite direction around a tilted circular track running around the wheel’s outer edge. The ball loses momentum and passes through the area of deflectors, where it falls to the wheel. The winner is the person who placed a bet on where the ball finally settles.

A-List celebrities who are passionate players of Roulette include Ricky Hatton, world-famous boxer Lara Dutta, miss universe 2000, Ian Fleming of James Bond book, and Harry Style, a former One Direction band member. 

Even though the modern world has embraced new games, the above are some of the most famous ones among A-list celebrities in Sweden and other parts of the world. Modern casinos are providing a variety of games and that explains why most players are shifting towards them. 

Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.

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