Dear Editor: Those Vaccine Idiots Hate Handicapped People!

I am thoroughly disgusted about the crap belching from so-called COVID vaccine “campers.

What galls me most is their yelping for more shots in the arms, millions goddamn shots into millions of goddamn arms. Is that all you people ever talk about?

Don’t you realize the effect this has on the millions of Americans who struggle through life without the blessing of arms?


It’s bad enough the poor armless must eat with their toes, type with their noses, endure the stares, the taunts:

Hey armless dude, got a match?

Nobody gots to dis-arm you cuz you already ain’t got no arms!

I dunno. Ask that armless fool over there.

The suicide rate for armless people would be greater than those self-pitying legless assholes because it’s a hell of a lot harder to kill yourself if you don’t got no arms.

Think for a second: NO ARMS!

My first husband Milton got his arms caught in a wood chipper, the dumb shit, and woosh, woosh, his arms were gone. It left such a mess on his clothes that I had to throw them out. A waste of good money.

Well, I stuck by him for two whole weeks. Gertie and Edna called me a saint for staying so long. But why should I let his stupidity ruin my life? I want to do things, travel, have sex, and I’m supposed to lug him around. I had to wipe his butt for god sakes!

Milton understood my plight and we parted friends. I promised him I’d fulfill my Christian obligation to stand up for the armless which is much easier if you don’t got no armless thing hanging on you.

So, if the armless can’t get a shot in the arm, where they supposed to get it? In the butt? So, Armless Joe goes to one of those vaccine places, takes his clothes off with his feet, and waves his naked butt around for God and all the angels to see.

Everybody in that place is  going to laugh themselves silly and the doctor will be rolling on the floor in hysterics so he can’t do no decent shot. Finally, the cops will toss Armless Joe in the middle of the street and tell him,  “Go die you worthless freak.

I hereby declare in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that all you bastards who scoff at the plight of the armless had better hear my warning. Satan has planned a truly memorable eternity for you, featuring a white hot poker up your ass and a 20 foot long green dick down your gullet!!!


Yours in Christ,

Lucinda Bubblelove

Author: Mark Wilt

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