Glossy News makes full-length feature film FREE to view on April 19th

After years of production, delays, and production delays, our first feature film “Who Is Bobby Joe?” will premiere on April 19th at 6:00pm pacific time free for all viewers in a YouTube live event [LINK HERE].

This is the story of Bobby Joe, the insufferably incompetent redneck behind the voice of our greatest hits like How Hot Dogs Are REALLY Made.

He first made his mark in documentary films by fumbling face-first into an exceptionally poorly paying gig seven years ago, and since then has only reduced his rate further to keep himself in the lemony limelight.

What he lacks in credibility, pleasantness, and overall worth as a voiceover artist, he more than makes up for in persistent discounts.

This movie is his tale, and it’s a tale as old as about six or seven years ago. He’s the sort of train wreck you can’t take your eyes off of, and he’s earns every last second of screen time.

Full disclosure: we are woefully, desperately biased, and everyone on staff loves him dearly, some more intimately than others.

Check out the trailer here, and sign up to watch the full movie live when it premieres on Sunday.

Author: BK Satire Webmaster

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