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First of all, some humour relating to Yahoo and Duck Duck Go. You know all that ‘Google autocompletes your racism’ stuff?

Search Engine Scandal; Google Auto-Completes Your Racism

Well, that was 2013. This is now! DuckDuckGo may well be safer and more secure than other search engines, including the notoriously corrupt Google. But when it comes to actual users, the search engine for smart people…

You really can’t fix stupid!

So you can enjoy the articles of Duck Duck Go and Yahoo.

Aside from this, we have new Nanny State regulations in the UK for the victimless crime of cooking and driving.

Haven’t they got anything better to do than harass innocent, law-abiding citizens over petty offences? It’s bad enough we can’t drink and drive, or text at the wheel. But this is just ridiculous!

More funny videos to follow from Brian too.

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