Grand Opening at the Haunted Museum – Zak Bagans Honours Mass Shooting Victims

The night of October 1st 2017 was a sad one for the USA and that’s because a gunman decided to open fire on a crowd of people that were attending a concert in Las Vegas. In the same period, Zak Bagans planned to open his Haunted Museum, but due to this unfortunate event, he decided to postpone the grand opening and to host a candlelight on October 3rd instead. See below who exactly is Zak Bagans and what makes this museum so special.
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How Zak Bagans decided to preserve the haunted history

There may be many museums all across the globe presenting paranormal events that happened during the past decades or centuries, but it’s clear that none of them is like the Haunted Museum. During the years he hosted the Ghost Adventures series that was incredibly successful, he decided to start collecting things from his adventures, things that had some sort of paranormal energy or that had a specific significance to him. He has lived in Las Vegas for several years now and during this period he had seen many historic buildings, including famous casinos, crumble while at the same time, other buildings are pointing towards the future. Although most people today are getting Emu casino bonuses 2018 online, Las Vegas is still considered the heaven of casinos and people have to learn to take care of these remarkable buildings.

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What does Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum promise to offer

People who’ll visit this museum, will be impressed by the attention to detail each room benefitted from, including Zak Bagans Demon House from Indiana, or the Dybbuk Box that was used as an inspiration by the creators of The Possession movie. The museum has more than 30 rooms and each of them is designed in a specific style, filled with countless disturbing items. One such item is the Propofol Chair, which was found in the room where legendary Michael Jackson died. Worth mentioning that guests who are under 16 years old can’t enter the museum. Those above this age that decide to visit it have to sign waivers expressing their agreement they know the risk they’re exposing themselves to by entering the museum. On Zak Bagans twitter account, you’ll see regular posts and videos related to this unordinary museum.

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Know Zak Bagans a bit more

Is Zak Bagans married? Does he have a daughter? Where was he born? These are all questions fans of the popular series Ghost Adventures that aired on the Travel Channel had on the host of the show. Zak Bagans was born in 1977 in Washington DC and now resides in Las Vegas. He started his career in paranormal film documentaries in 2004 after he had a strange encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman. He’s not married, and never was, but he’s in a relationship with a woman named Marcy DeLaTorre. Those wondering where Zak Bagans daughter or son is, should know that he has no children.
Overall, the Haunted Museum is Zak Bagans biggest dream come true and he’s waiting for everyone to visit it.

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