5 Tips to Successfully Analyze Your Poker Results

Most committed poker players have ways to analyze their results over specific time periods. They do this mainly to improve their future scores by positively changing the past and present results. Proper analysis of results and implementing the right interventions are crucial to surviving in the deep, uncharted waters of poker play. We came up with the following tips to help you manage your Poker result analysis better.

1. Keep records

Before you even sit down to study your results, you need to have some form of factual data first. The things that you need to track and keep records of include the name of the casino you played and at what date, the amount spent per hand and how many spins you did. It is also essential to keep records of all your wins and losses within a specific period. After you’re done with getting a reasonable number of records ready, whether in the form of diaries or journals, you can now study them and after that generate comprehensive analysis reports. Depending on your playing preferences, you can do the reports on either a daily or weekly basis.

Now, how do you go about the result analysis? There is the old-fashioned pen and paper method that most people regard as the most accessible, easy to go about and convenient. You can also create an Excel spreadsheet showing both your different variables and their values at certain dates. Even better, you can use one of the many poker apps available such as SNG Analyzer and the Hot Poker Log, for fast and efficient analysis. Being an agen poker , no doubt , Keeping detailed records of your Poker results is very important as it helps you determine whether you are progressing or deteriorating in the game.

2. Make use of Coaches and mentors

Whether you are playing situs poker online or video poker or even ordinary online slot games with free bonus rounds, you will need some professional help from knowledgeable people at some point. As poker becomes more popular, a lot of pro players have turned into coaches and mentors to guide and train rookie players. You can get coaching directly or through events such as poker boot camps where you will meet, socialize and learn with fellow players and poker experts.

No matter how effective your analysis methods are, they won’t be successful if you don’t know how to make use of them and correct your mistakes in future. Through coaching, you can give your stats to a professional, and they can scan to find mistakes and advise you accordingly. Admittedly, getting assistance from a professional coach or mentor can be quite expensive in the long run. But then again, who said you have to get an actual person? The Internet can be your coach, and you can be your assistant coach too. Reading poker articles, getting involved in online poker forums and watching poker videos are some of the ways to improve your game and turn your mistakes into profitable moves.

3. Have a keen eye for mistakes

As earlier stated, results analysis won’t amount to much if the same mistakes are repeated in future. As such, you need to have a database where all your hands and subsequent mistakes will be recorded. This will let you know where you go wrong and lose money and the type, nature, and extent of the flop(s) in question. It is advisable to use a professionally designed database for this function to ensure top accuracy and efficiency.

If you are not sure how to go about flop identification, start by studying your rivals and other top players and their playing styles. When you filter their playing stats and compare to yours, you will get a clue of where exactly your mistakes occur and how to avoid them again according to the top player’s playbook.

4. Control your ego

Most people are too proud to admit that they’re not as good as they imagine themselves to be. For your results analysis to bear fruits, you have first to acknowledge that you have made mistakes and only then can you start the with the corrections. When you’re working with a coach, do not be afraid to tell them about your weaknesses and your fears. Similarly, when you’re doing your win-loss analysis, record every loss you have made no matter how embarrassing it was or you feel like you were not ‘ready’ at the time. However, you choose to go about your analysis, never lie to yourself or to another person to make yourself look good. You will never get anything right if you don’t admit that you have been doing it wrong in the past.

5. Look out for trends

You might be aware of it or not, but whenever you are going through your results, you’re subconsciously looking for patterns or trends. You want to see which particular actions or situations lead to success or failure whenever they occur. For instance, you might find that you almost always lose whenever you play big pots in Pocket Aces. This is, in fact, a big problem with rookie players who tend to believe in, and overplay big pots which is a gamble in itself; there are equal chances of winning or losing. If you notice such a trend, you might want to look up the different playing strategies for pocket aces or any other games that you can’t seem to win if you desire to avoid huge losses in future.

Simply winning at poker is the easiest thing, maintaining a constant winning streak is however not that easy. It requires a mix of discipline, determination and accurate results analysis. If you can pull it all off, you will be able to achieve your desired results in the long term.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.