David Blaine Trick Backfires on Live T.V.

Magician David Blaine has recently performed a new trick to a live T.V. audience; it has backfired disastrously!

Blaine had asked for a member of his audience to volunteer for the trick, on the condition they had body odour. A man with body odour volunteered, and Blaine vowed to make the smell disappear.

The audience yelled: “How are you going to do that?!”

“Watch!” replied Blaine, as he dropped the volunteer into a giant bucket of water and scrubbed the man’s armpits with his magic wand.

Then he dragged the sodden volunteer across the stage and asked for another volunteer to smell the armpits of the man to prove he’d made the odour disappear – but nobody volunteered.

“Why doesn’t anyone want to smell the volunteer?” asked Blaine,

The audience yelled back: “because he might have body odour!”

Image attribution:

By David ShankboneDavid Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link



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