Kim Kardashian Introduces $Rashtags on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

New York City – Kim Kardashian added comedian to her long list of professions, Friday night, in front of a sold out crowd on The Tonight Show at NBC Studios.

Kardashian was joined by other celebrity guests including Michael Phelps, who recently found out the love of his life, a girl he met on the dating app, Tinder, was actually a man and the stars of the Dumb and Dumber remake, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

“It was quite a show!” Said Stage Cleaner, Kyle DeGarves, while removing Kim Kardashian’s greasy residue from the guest couch with a bread-based cleaning solution.

“It started with Michael Phelps admitting that he was aware his girlfriend was born a man and ended with Jim Carrey throwing up on Kim’s rack after she introduced the world to $rashtags,” added DeGarves

Jimmy Fallon was amazed to learn about $rashtags, which gave the late night host a new take on his #Hashtags sketch that he frequently performs with singer, Justin Timberlake. However, the usually upbeat host was slightly taken back by Kardashian after she revealed the rashtags were ailments she currently has.

“Syphilis, warts, gonorrhea, bla-bla, bla-bla. In my mind, I went holy shit! We’re gonna need something stronger than breadbasket cleaner to get this couch cleaned. We got Betty White coming in tomorrow. My Grandmother watches her for Christ’s sake,” Fallon stated, while taking a brief break from upchucking in a studio trashcan.

Kardashian’s Twitter account @KimKardashian, continues to blow up with new $rashtags as she scheduled several doctors appointments for the purpose of adding to the already enormous list.

Contrary to the # symbol preceding hashtags, Kardashian announced the $ precedes the new phrase because “her ideas are money.” “Nobody thought Jimmy’s sketch could be topped,” Kardashian said, while signing a fan’s poster by rubbing it on her infected underside. “But he’s been Kardashianed!” She added.

Jimmy Fallon has yet to announce whether he would be altering his existing sketch, but show writers said they are excited to explore the possibilities.

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