FlashForward Coming Back to Prime Time this Fall?

According to producers of the one-season wonder television show FlashForward, the show has been rescheduled to appear for another five seasons with a guaranteed story arc. Fans from around the world want to believe the show will return, but having seen the show, they admit they never know what to believe.

“We don’t know what to make of it, quite frankly,” said Sherrill Berrill, one of the executive producers of the show who, for a few minutes last May suffered a memory lapse. “When I regained my senses, I could see into the future and realized that FlashForward was not canceled at all. In fact, I was sitting in my living room watching it, so I don’t know what to make of it.”

It is for this reason and several others that Berrill believes the show is slated to run again as a mid-season replacement, though she hesitated to say which network would carry the program. Several other people closely associated with the show have had the same premonition, some of whom have also insisted that it had nothing to do with heavy drinking at a farewell party held Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Fans heard the gossip via leading news sources like Facebook and Twitter over the weekend, thus sufficiently verifying the validity of the claim in their minds.

One such fan had this to say “Thank you so much for giving FastForward another chance. I knew when I heard the news that it had been canceled that it was not real. I am looking forward to watching it as a mid-season replacement like I saw in my vision. Just one complaint. I wish it wasn’t going to come back as a straight-to-web short-form comedy series on Funny or Die. But I’ll take what I can get, LOLZ!”

“We have no writers, most of the [British] actors [from the original cast] have gone on to other projects, yet, so many people believe that there will be a FastForward resurrection early next year,” said Berrill, “Including me.”

Author: P. Beckert

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