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“Can’t Stop the Cokeheads!” Another Great Cartoon!

NOTE FROM WALLACE: So, the new leader of the Conservative Party has finally been anointed. To accompany our great cartoons from Upchuck and JF we’ve got a nice, nifty, shifty little number from Games of Thrones fantasy, er, FANTASIST! villain…

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Outrage: ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh Tabloid Rag Incensed by ‘Insulting’ Offer from ‘Greasy’ Tony Blair Faith Foundation ‘Charity’

• Blair’s chaplain confirms that former PM is ‘deeply wounded, not literally of course’ by the Islamist SNUB • Dafiq editorial staff refuse to comment Edgy ISIS/Daesh hipster black-top Dafiq has been hitting the headlines (and not just their own,…

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