Who Said it First? Macron or Mussolini? (Questions: 2/4)

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9. We go to battle against the plutocratic and reactionary democracies of the West.

10. If the middle class thinks that we are going to be their lightning rods, they are mistaken.

11. I am not some mere liberal movement… I am trying to refresh and counter the system.

12. The real history of capitalism is only now beginning, because capitalism is not just a system of oppression; it also represents a choice of value.

13. If approval was a criterion in this country, nothing would ever get done.

14. We deny the existence of two classes.

15. I declare that henceforth capital and labor shall have equal rights and duties as brothers.

16. We need people who dream impossible things, who maybe fail, sometimes succeed, but in any case who have that ambition.

17. These people are nothing. They are terrorists, thugs and assassins. And we will put all of our energies into eradicating them.

18. We do not argue with those who disagree with us, we destroy them.

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