Random Thoughts (XIV): Fundies, Agitators & Toxic Males!

Not All Faiths are Equal

Yes, you judged rightly: I am indeed a man of peace. And I can see much good in many faiths.
And it’s precisely from this spirit, that I simply cannot accept moral equivalence between all faiths.There is only one religion in the world today that has such deeply rooted problems as the viciously irrational lunacy so tragically and fatefully concocted by the fig peddler of the Quraysh.
You can call me whatever silly names you like, but I don’t merely believe it is worse than Christianity: I believe it is worse than the level headed common sense of Confucianism, the mystical wonder of Daoism, the chivalrous nobility of Hinduism, the warm, humane generosity of Sikhism, the philosophical dispassion of Buddhism.
Quite frankly, it is overly generous to call this a foolish or misguided ideology.
I do not think those are the terms I would use.
And if all this makes me a hate criminal, so be it.
I hate Scientology and Aum Shinrikyo.
I’d rather be called intolerant and exclusionary, than indiscriminately tolerant and inclusive. On the last day, the Man of Sin will bow down and confess the Name that is above all Names… Whether he likes it or not! Only in this way, will some peace finally come to his innumerable victims.

Atheist Fundies are no Better than Any Other Fundies

Don’t underestimate the danger of the ‘atheist fundamentalist’ community. ‘Faith is a mental disorder’ was one of the most unconstructive, unintelligent Facebook groups I’ve ever been in. The stench seems to just cling to you. I’m happy to talk with genuinely intelligent atheists who care about science, reason and logic; but there is a hooligan school of atheism that is just glorified trolling. The Soviet Union and Maoist China tell you all you need to know about the fanatical anti-theism, which is the mere opposite of fanatical theism. One of the worst things I saw was people deliberately mocking the Chinese Communist Party’s vandalism of Christian Churches. By supporting such iconoclasm, and mocking the faithful, atheist fundies show they have more in common with ISIS than they would have us all believe.

It’s OK to be Neurotypical

Dear normies, my good friends:
Never let the militant autism or the ‘disabled community’ bully you into making unreasonable concessions.
Stand your ground! Always express your views on disability and mental health, and never let people bully you into being silent. These discussions need a range of voices, and neurotypicals DO need to be included too.

It’s Not OK to be Neurodiverse

It really is quite sad how Neurodiversity falsely alleges people with autism, BPD, or depression are morally equivalent to narcissists and psychopaths. I’ve known a lot of wonderful, amazing, loving, humorous, courageous people with all three of these disorders, who have a lot going for them, and can do a lot of good in the world, despite their struggles.
It just doesn’t seem right.
So, if any of you are having doubts about Neurodiversity, simply ask yourself: “Am I morally equivalent to a narcissist or a psychopath? & am I OK with people CONSIDERING me morally equivalent to such people?” If yes, then ND is for you. If not, you can finally see through the scam.

Toxic Masculinity is FAKE NEWS!

Toxic masculinity has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with masculinity. As a form of virtue, masculinity by definition is a harmonious blend of the particular virtues, in one harmonious whole. Toxic behaviours are all forms of vice, or in other words, a refusal to harmonise these various capacities and instincts. It is an absence of masculinity, because it is an absence of harmonious balance. Toxic masculinity no more deserves to be discussed by any remotely philosophically serious people than manspreading, mansplaining, Islamophobia, cultural appropriation or internalised ableism. It is just another nonsense word for the philosophically ignorant, and there is simply nothing more need be said.
Again, masculinity is the harmonious blending of the virtues. And the same can be said for femininity too.
The difference is that masculine virtues are with more consistency in men than in women, and feminine virtues are found with more consistency in women than in men.
Anything that tends toward vice, tends towards excess, and thus departs from the harmonious blending and mutual complementarity of the virtues.
This being so, there is nothing more contrary to masculinity or femininity than something vicious and immoral.

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