How Long Before Ireland Builds Gas Chambers for the Disabled?

Surprisingly enough, there’s the odd person out there would say I am rarely found speechless about sensitive and contentious issues.
I was not exactly surprised by the Irish Holocaust vote to conduct the mass extermination of ‘dysgenics’ and ‘Untermenschen,’ but it’s never pleasant to know your status has dropped to sub-human level.
I normally have quite a lot to say about big topics, but I don’t have the stomach to actuallly say much about this one; maybe my Facebook and Twitter stuff from so far today will do.
How can you possibly provide a compelling argument for the fact that you and other autistic and disabled people ought to live, and not to die?
It either goes without saying, or else nothing can convince people otherwise.
It’s not something where people can rationally convince each other of the merits of their position.
Nobody is going to convince someone they and other autistic or disabled people should live when we shouldn’t, and nobody can be convinced we shouldn’t live, when we should.
I am going to shake off the dust of my feet.
Ireland is now a fully colonised imperial outpost of Anglo-Metropolitan values.
The abortion lobby have done what Oliver Cromwell and the most brutal and bloodthirsty of blood-anointed English tyrants never once managed to succeed in doing…
Break the spirit of Ireland, and make the people fully submissive to their ‘Lords and Masters.’
I’m done.
I’d say the same if they had voted to build gas chambers instead; the power may be on their side, but the truth and conscience are entirely on the either.
“Venceréis, pero no convenceréis.”
How true this is today, as ever, Don Miguel!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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