Leonard Cohen and the Risk of Love

One of the most beautiful things a singer or a creator can do for you is to de-de-humanize you.

Listening to these lyrics, it is possible to treat one’s human frailty as that; to be able to discern the spirits; to know that failure is not damnation, that betrayal is not perdition, that culpability is not a death sentence.

“It’s coming from the women and the men
O baby, we’ll be making love again
We’ll be going down so deep
The river’s going to weep,
And the mountain’s going to shout Amen”

This song is enough to move one to tears.

And it is needed as much as ever.

The way he shifts from Microcosm to Macrocosm is just incredible.

Anyone who has known their complete poverty before Justice and Mercy cannot but love this song, and the man who prophesied it out to every one of us.

Each one of us was born to live, and not to die; to hurt and to be hurt, and to prevail, against all the odds.

The who has loved, and who has failed, thereby proves that one has a seed of light within oneself.

The lad who torments himself beyond due measure for his faults, and the lass who abhors herself for her weakness; all these are guilty of a blessed fault.

The one whose conscience is too keen, and too imperious, is at least capable of remorse.

And remorse, in the fullness of time, must finally cast down its crowns.

For remorse is the vice-regent of contrition.

And contrition is a favored Marquis and Marquess in the court of eternal love.

To love is human; to love wisely is divine.

And to love wisely means to be free to fail, to be free to fall.

Image attribution:

By Rama (Own work) [CeCILL or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons


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