A Modest Proposal: On the Arbitrary Character of Speech Laws

Offense is both subjective and objective.
Harassment is both subjective and objective.
Historical denialism is both subjective and objective.
Blasphemy is both subjective and objective.
Hate is both subjective and objective.
The more subjectivity there is, the more problems for the rule of law.
So, legislators ought to very careful about passing subjective laws.
Who is the arbiter in such matters?
Politicians? The police? The judiciary? The howling mobs?
This clearly will not do.
Oh wait…
I know!
We can always farm it out to the howling Twitter mobs instead!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

I've been writing satire for many years, and I've been published on many sites! Follow me on Twitter, and have a look at my books on Amazon! I've also had some poetry published by Sad Press recently: look out for 'Centrifugue!' I am also a founding member of the #AutisticDarkWeb: check the hashtag out on Twitter! Money's tight, so please consider dropping me $1 a month on Patreon (see link below). All my Patreon subscribers get certain benefits, including exclusive content, way in advance of anyone else!

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