Labour Expulsions and Boozhee Anarchy: What Do They Mean by Anti-Capitalism?

Despite it all, the Trots and Tankies trying to infiltrate the Labour Party┬ádon’t seem to be having it all their own way in recent times.
At least according to the following article and quote.

On the basis of my experience, only one conclusion can be reached: a section of the right wing of the Labour Party has formed a clandestine network of individuals at all levels of the Party; and this network is working to expel anyone who is organised to fight against capitalism.

But if a word means everything, it means nothing!
I’m not really sure what they mean by anti-capitalist?
If it means opposing Tory austerity and supporting welfare and public health, then I don’t see that as being anti-capitalist.
If it means locking up small business owners and putting them in Gulags then this is a form of violent extremism, which any socialist party leadership is entitled to consider as grounds for expulsion, just like the Tories and Lib Dems are entitled to expel Neo-Nazis and eugenicists.
To be fair, it’s not really a big deal expelling people who don’t support the basic ethos of the party.
The Labour Party (say) is not like the SWP or the Sparts, it’s for people who are really interested in making positive, constructive change.
And the virtue-signalling of Trots and Tankies has nothing whatsoever to add to this.
The far left poison everything.
Of course, I obviously would hope that there would be reasonable room for discussion about what policies are realistic and useful, without artificially foreclosing the debate.
But I just cannot for the life of me see why people whose first loyalty is to the holy ice-pick-dodger Trotsky (PBUH) and not to the overwhelming majority of people in Britain, including genuine working class folk, not Marxists, ever needs to be remotely entertained.
In this light, articles such as the one linked to above should be viewed with suspicion.
You cannot serve two masters.
What communion hath Birmingham with Moscow?
And what companionship hath the Brudenell Social Club with the Gulags of Siberia!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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