Austrian Burqa Ban: Liberalism Back in Action

This is a good liberal, secular policy that will set similar standards and guarantees of liberty for everyone.
In an idea world, you wouldn’t ban clothing.
But by this point, the risks of not banning them are greater still.
I’ve heard all the anti-secularist/anti-civilizational arguments (dishonestly sogenannte ‘post-secularist,’) as well as all the myrida deeply unintelligent and emotive rhetorical substitutes for dispassionate, objective, rational argumentation; and these range from generally inconclusive to outright hilarious.
I’ll give it to you clean ‘n’ sweet:
If you believe the niqab and burka should be tolerated, you are a misogynist.
Just use some basic empathy and imagine a rapist or child abuser strangling your mother or sister or daughter in the loathsome insignia of compulsory chastity.
Oh and by the way, GTF with your boozhee Anglo-Metropolitan virtue-signalling about ‘choice.’ I’ve been writing for a long time about how utterly irreconcilable choice and individual liberty are.
It’s one or the other.
I really have no time to waste educating the wilfully ignorant.
But I say once more to people of all faiths and none:
Secularism is freedom.
Get with, or get out!


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