Gough Whitlam — The Australian Obama?

Sydney, NSW, Australia (GlossyNews) — President Obama would do well to try to emulate the successes that former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had in his first 100 days of office back in 1972.

He ended the draft and removed Australian troops from the unpopular war in Vietnam.

He gave equal pay to women and established a free national health plan.

He doubled spending on education, raised wages, pensions and unemployment benefits.

He funded the Arts and assumed federal responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs which included their health, land rights and welfare.

He changed the national anthem from “God Save The Queen” to “Advance Australia Fair”.

He reached out diplomatically ad trade-wise to other, non-white Asian countries and was the first to set up diplomatic relations with China.

He ended the “white Australia policy” which didn’t allow non-whites to settle in Australia.

All remarkable achievements. Of course, being so successful, he was then toppled by an underground CIA “coup”. Curiously enough, Richard Nixon was the President at the time.

[Ed Note: The first democratically elected Marxist in the American Hemisphere – Salvador Allende of Chile, was also the victim of a coup during the Nixon administration. US corporations gave millions of dollars to the opposition during the elections. Just another way America exports democracy. We won’t even talk about Operation Ajax and the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran which led directly to where we are today…. sometimes even satire cannot blunt the edge of reality…]


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