China’s Economic, High-Tech Transformation and its Bright (scary?) Future

From Chairman Mao’s era of Agricultural focused economy to Deng Xiaoping’s Opening up and Reform policies, inviting in foreign investments to build mainly a Light Industry focused economy in China, China has transformed a great deal in the last 3 decades to a relatively rich country.

But in the 21st Century, a new chapter in China’s History and Future where Light Industry is no longer sufficient for China’s blazing ambition and capacity, dynamo and optimism, experimentation and growth. In every way possible, China’s economic growth has surprised everyone’s wildest expectations, becoming the sole superpower in the South East Asia. This ascendant superpower has never been stronger.

Many of China mega, superb and high-tech projects are a showcase for Chinese engineering efficiency and ingenuity. China is “marching forward courageously”, away from the past Light Industry and Agricultural Centered Economy towards a future of Technically Advanced driven Economy.

The Chinese have taken the old “five-year plan” of Mao’s era and “stood them on their head.” ‘Instead of deciding which factory gets what raw materials, which products are made, how they are priced and where they are sold,’ the CCP are more now worried about planning ‘How do we build a world-class silicon-chip industry in five years? How do we become a global player in car-construction and drug-manufacturing (such as China’s North Pharmaceutical Company)?

And many world class investors, venture-capitalists, and financial institutes have now chosen to invest in China instead of elsewhere ‘in part because the central government of China (CCP) has both the vision and the financial wherewithal to make miracles happen.’ Many Venture Capitalists say that they prefer to “deal with Beijing rather than Silicon Valley theses days” because “[they] believe this is where these new high tech industries will really take shape. China’s got the energy, the drive and the market to do it.”

From Mao’s Agricultural focused economy to Deng’s Light Industry to China’s new chapter of High Tech Industry that’s forming the core of its 21st Century miracles, China is truly a place where the sky is the limit right now — that is if you have the ambition and the imagination and the drive to see it happen.


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